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Arduino(TM) Mega 2560 Enclosure Buy files now › USD $ 2.00
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Protect your Arduino Mega 2560 with this enclosure designed for 3D printing. Our RepRap is giving us grief but initial tests seem to prove this design. We'll post more soon. Features include:
- H/W/D: 102mm/64mm/15mm
- Wall thickness: 3mm
- Snug fit for Mega 2560
- Ports for USB and power.
- Lid has ports for all pins - female or male headers. Ports are wide enough to read stencil.
- 2 sets of (4x) feet (not all pictured). Feet have recessed heads for either hex nuts or boltheads. Use either set.
- (4x) 4-40 screws secure lid to base.
- Ponoko making cost: ~$82 from cheapest durable plastic. If you own a working Mendel or RepRap this is will cost you somewhere in the range of $5US give or take a few dollars.

USD $ 2.00 TerawattIndustries would like to share their product with the following license All Rights Reserved Read the fine print of this license Buy design files › Once purchased this file can be downloaded immediately.

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