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Arduino Mount (Large) Buy now › USD $ 11.99 - 12.99
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Tired of having to hold your Arduino board while you connect the USB and other leads? Tired of trying to keep it from sliding across your work bench?

This large mount is perfect for holding an Arduino Diecimila, Duemilanove or an Uno, a small (400 pin) breadboard and a large (830 pin) breadboard.
The mount measures 7.2in (~183mm) x 5.3in (~135mm). It is made from acrylic that has been ESD treated. The mount sits on four pads, one at each corner, to keep the mount from sliding around on workbench surfaces. The setup includes a clear cover for the Arduino to keep FOD out and fingers off the components, while allowing the LEDs to be seen. This cover rests on a pair of stand offs and is held in place with two screws and nuts, which are also included. The only thing you need to do is install your Arduino and breadboards, and get to building great projects!

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Clear Acrylic

Base - Clear
Cover – Clear

$11.99 Buy this option

Black Acrylic

Base - Black
Cover – Clear

$12.99 Buy this option

Blue Acrylic

Base - Blue
Cover - Clear

$12.99 Buy this option

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