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($20 donation-to-author-version) This is a version of the Open Source RepRap (technically a GPL'd RepStrap) modified to print on Ponoko's service by diamondage.co.nz and to use more frequently available components. This is designed for the experimenter and for the moment there are no build instructions beyond those already existing for Ian's original design at bitsfrombytes.com.

It includes many experimental features: 2 extruders with a manual swap mechanism, a gear motor option for the Z axis, lasercut bearing races, ball-chain throughout instead of belt, NEMA17 and NEMA23 motor mounts and some thickened parts that I found to be too breakable in 4.5mm acrylic.

The original SVG source files are available free from the RepRap Project SVN repository on sourceforge.net and you do not have to pay me $20 for them. But if you do, I get to know how many RepRaps are made from my design, which is cool. - Vik :v)

USD $ 20.00 reprap would like to share their product with the following license Attribution ShareAlike license Read the fine print of this license Buy design files › Once purchased these files can be downloaded immediately.

Reviews of Acrylic RepRap Design ($20 donation to author)

Dave says:

Awesome! Can't wait to get one up and running!

Added over 10 years ago. ( delete )
Chad says:

I'm so happy to see this here! Has there been an estimate for the cost of production for the parts from Ponoko?

Added over 10 years ago. ( delete )
Vik says:

This one is about US$400. I can see ways of knocking $50 or more off that without much trouble but I'm waiting for the 3rd prototype run to finish before optimising. I'll make the electronics kits available in Oceania too.

Added over 10 years ago. ( delete )
Vik says:

OK guys, it's released now. If you search for "RepRap" you'll see this one and an absolutely free one. They're exactly the same except that I get some money for one of them :)

Vik :v)

Added over 10 years ago. ( delete )
david says:


Added about 5 years ago. ( delete )
Craig Macky says:

great stufff

Added about 5 years ago. ( delete )
graig says:

great share

Added almost 5 years ago. ( delete )
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