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Acrylic Dual Y-Axis Plates for RepRap 3D Printer Buy now › USD $ 37.00 - 39.75
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It's tough to beat the Terawatt Industries Universal Y-Axis Plate made from T-6061 Aluminum for strength, durability, and lightweight action on a RepRap. But acrylic comes close! This version lets you choose your color and comes with a second (lower) plate. The lower plate can be used for mounting bearings. We included this for anybody who needs a replacement and doesn't want to mess with their z-axis. Otherwise, we recommend just using the universal plate and getting the extra travel.

The laser-cut version has been further customized for laser-cutting. No sharp corners here!

Any pictures of the original aluminum y-axis plate, or the machine(s) it's attached to, are for demonstration purposes only. We don't have any in stock for photos yet. Currently they're made-to-order by Ponoko in the USA.

- Choose between many colors: black, clear, red, red-tint, blue-tint, opal, white
- 4.5mm-thick
- Same size as Terawatt Industries Universal Y-Axis Plate: 220mm x 220mm.
- Second plate is 167.5mm x 130.25mm
- Hole placement is same as classic Mendel, Prusa, MendelMax, etc.
- 100mm spacing between bushing mounts
- Holes for MK1, MK2, or other compatible heatbed are 2.3mm diameter to tap for M3 screw.
- Extra holes for wire clamps.
- Both Universal plate and lower plate have holes for bushing mounts. You really should migrate to the Universal plate and increase z-travel...

More information about the Universal Y-Axis Plate can be found at http://store.terawattindustries.com/27-terawatt-industries-universal-y-axis-plate.html.

Open source mounts are available at http://terawatt-industries.github.io/universal-y-axis-plate-parts/.

Material options and prices (All prices are in US$ and exclude shipping costs):

This item is available in the following options:

Clearly Light

Made from 4.5mm-thick clear acrylic.

$37.00 Buy this option


Made from 4.5mm-thick translucent opal acrylic.

$39.75 Buy this option

Arctic White

Made from 4.5mm-thick opaque white acrylic.

$39.75 Buy this option

Hot Red

Made from 4.5mm-thick opaque red acrylic.

$39.75 Buy this option

Red Filter

Made from 4.5mm-thick translucent red acrylic.

$39.75 Buy this option

Snowcone Blue

Made from 4.5mm-thick translucent light-blue acrylic.

$39.75 Buy this option

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