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This is the solution to your 3D printer electronics woes! This case is an electronics case for a Raspberry Pi B+/2, Arduino Mega with RAMPS shield, and a 12V power supply. If you've got a 3D printer and a Raspberry Pi print server, you need a case like this to keep everything tidy. The case has openings for all of the Raspberry Pi's USB ports available on the front of the case, there are places for motor connections, and there is space for a power switch and receptacle on the back of the case.

This case is designed for a DIY expert. The case itself isn't hard to assemble, but in order to fit everything inside and make it work, you'll need some know-how.

The electronics case is designed to fit together and be fastened using 18 M3 nuts and bolts, the Arduino and Pi can be fastened to the interior of the case, and the power supply can be attached to the side of the case. The panel mount components aren't hard to find and can be bought all together for around $15 on eBay.
You will need:
- (6) round panel mount connectors for the motors (I recommend GX16 4Pin connectors). Optionally, one of these can connect all of your thermistors, limit switches, and LEDs to the Arduino.
- (18) M3 20mm nuts and bolts for the case
- (4) M2.5 nuts and bolts for the Pi
- (3) M3 nuts and bolts for the Arduino
- IEC320 C14 power switch and receptacle (I recommend sticking with one that fits the case: 38x27.2 mm)

Now, I know what you're thinking: "How do I connect my Raspberry Pi to my RAMPS board if all of the USB ports are on the front? And how do I power my Raspberry Pi off of a 12V power source?" There are solutions to every problem. Some just require a little more doing. I used a $5 step-down voltage regulator with a mini usb connector on the 5V side. This connects nicely to the power supply via the screw terminals and provides consistent power to the Pi. To connect the two boards, I connected the Pi and the Arduino via the GPIO pins using a $3 logic level converter. The rest is magic!

Pictures coming soon!

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