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3D printable sculpture - frog shaped fountain - mannerist object restoration Buy files now › USD $ 4.70
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This is a model restoring the original shape of ancient sculpture I ran onto during my trips.
I found this sculpture magical, very characteristic - mannerist in style...
It draws attention, so is good as an example of power of 3D printing techniques.
This frog-shaped element was originally used as fountain nozzle, its "mouth" is now eroded and broken (this is shown on the photo of initial, not-restored model 3D print).
I allways wanted to show the (supposed) original beauty it had - and here it is: digital, 3D printable.

Because the water tube is modeled, you can also use it for the same purpose the original was: fountain.

This model is scalable - according to your needs.
Its curvatures suggest that supports are needed, but I was able to print it without supports enabled..

USD $ 4.70 EUROREPRAP-EU would like to share their product with the following license All Rights Reserved Read the fine print of this license Buy design files › Once purchased these files can be downloaded immediately.

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