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2x 6mm MDF Rear Loaded Horn Speaker Cabinets Buy now › USD $ 350.00
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These fantastic sounding speakers are an adapted version of the standard rear loaded horn design that ships with the Fostex FE126EN driver. This is a mid to high range speaker and so requires a separate sub-woofer to produce base frequencies.

Horn speakers are naturally efficient, that is they produce a lot of sound for a small amount of input power. They are similar to a trumpet in this respect where the person blowing is not making a not of noise but the instrument does.

Additional Parts Required:
2x Fostex FE126EN drivers
2x PT3008 from Jaycar
3m good quality speaker cable

Dimensions are 162mm x 565mm x 345mm approximately.

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6mm MDF

Made from natural 6mm MDF

$350.00 Buy this option

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