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24x12 Werkstatt Panel V2 Plus Bonus Holes Buy files now › USD $ 3.14
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I designed this top and bottom panel to encase a Moog Werkstatt PCB plus an expansion circuit board and banana plugs. I used 3.2mm birch plywood. It is a relatively low grade material but also pretty inexpensive. You can see some places where it splintered, but it's not too bad. I sanded and coated it with clear polyurethane.

The top and bottom of the case are held together with four 31 mm standoffs and M3-0.5 machine screws. The Werkstatt PCB is supported from the back of the case with five 22 mm standoffs, also using M3-0.5 machine screws.

The front face plate intentionally overhangs the bottom plate by 0.2" on all sides. This is so that I can make my own wooden frame for the sides. Using a table saw, I plan to cut a ~0.2" grove lengthwise in a 1x4 (maybe different width?) piece of wood. Then the edges can slot into that groove.

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