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There is a new better Wild Gears store at http://shop.wildgears.com/
The Encyclopedic Gear Set is 7 x 7 inches (15 x 15 cm) and contains 41 gears. The gears include 2 of every gear size from 12-30 teeth. Each size of gear has an 'A' design and a 'B' design.

The difference between the A gears and the B gears is that the placement of the holes relative to the gear teeth is shifted. If the A design holes line up with a tooth the B design holes will line up with a gap between teeth. This feature is necessary for making designs involving epitrochoids and hypotorchoids that lineup. Without the A and B gears any complex designs that use both epitrochoids and hypotrochoids (40-12 ring-gear and 40-12 gear-gear for example) will have the two components misaligned by a small amount.

This gear set also includes, for the first time, 1mm pen holes, in addition to other sizes. Previous gear sets (Compact, Full Page, Strange Shapes, and Mammoth) include 3, 6, and 10 mm pen holes. These smaller pen holes allow for a wider range of design options and closer hole spacing.

Not all pens fit into 1 mm pen holes although there are many readily available pens that do. This one for example:


For more details about the gear sets and all the features they contain please check out the Wild Gears webpage:


or the kickstarter pages:


This Gear Set is an expansion to Wild Gears. The Full Page and Compact Gear Sets are the two base sets for Wild Gears. All the other Gear Sets are designed to work in conjunction with one or both of those sets. If this is your first Gear Set it is recommended that you start with the Compact Gear Set or Full Page Gear Set.

Full Page Gear Set:

Compact Gear Set:

Wild Gears Bundles:

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