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Starry Treasure Locket Necklace, Medium Not for sale
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Dried petals of a wildflower. A semi-precious stone with fascinating imperfections. Shards of beach glass, or a found button. A note from your lover.

The treasure locket is perfect for those of us who find and get attached to small objects that get lost in the bottom of a pocket or handbag, but don't quite fit in a wallet. It will keep those trifling but meaningful objects close to you at all times. You can use it to carry a tiny photograph or a good luck charm. Keep a scroll of paper with your favorite quote on it-- a quote you mean to live by.

The cut-out design on this necklace is a traditional pattern that you can find everywhere in Japan, if you look for it. I first became aware of this pattern when I admired it on a luxurious kimono silk that was passed down to me from my family. Since then, I've noticed it on product packaging, origami, stationary, and even manhole covers. The simple geometric pattern is rich with culture and tradition, but has a very modern and contemporary look.

Sold on http://iluxo.etsy.com

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