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Rubik The Retarded Raven was conceived during a drunken haze, and is an unfortunate victim of the foetal alcohol syndrome. He somehow mastered the art of flying, or rather flapping his wings, but has to be kept on a chain to shelter him from harm. He has a strange fascination with banjos and doesn't know eyes from strawberries, so watch out!

Rubik pendants are made from acrylic and are available in various combinations of red, white, black as shown in the photos.

Pendant dimensions when worn: approx W85mm x H60mm. Chain length: approx 700mm.

Please specify the item number of your Rubik at the point of purchase.

Chromatophobia (krō′mad•ə′fō•bē•ə): an abnormal aversion to colours.

Chromatophobic is: not-so-colourful jewellery and accessories. All Chromatophobic products are created from scrap material and packaged in treehuggy reused/reusable stuff. Grimlies and other jewellery characters may look slightly homicidal, but they are trying to be kind to the planet!

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Material 1

Made from black/red/white acrylic.

$35.00 Buy this option

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