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It is an acrylic bracelet, which has two nested portions, the outer of which rotates freely on the inner, and which is held in place by a clasp. The bracelet is made 12mm wide by fusing identical 6mm portions together. The outer portion has glued to it ten tiles with raster etched images, depicting frames from a cyclic animation of a galloping horse with a rider. The outer portion can be spun to show it in motion. The animation is from a famous series of photographs taken by Eadweard Muybridge in 1878 (they are now in the public domain). His work in motion studies were a great inspiration to the worldwide artistic community, especially the Italian Futurists. In designing my entry, I tried to make something that could only be easily made using Ponoko's manufacturing service. I designed it around my wrist size, but the design could be modified to fit many sizes. Variations could be made to display different subjects. You can view an animated GIF I created for this project at http://www.benscheele.com/Final_Animation.gif
I added it to the showroom before the deadline, but there was an error and I couldn't do anything about it, so I went to sleep. Here it is again, and I hope you accept it (and like it).

Reviews of Animation Bracelet

april says:

hi, Just wondering how this works exactly? Doesn't each frame of the animation need to be viewed through a slot, so that you get short flashes of each frame?

Added about 7 years ago. ( delete )
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