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3d Tiles for Interior Wall Decorating.
Material: Rainbow plaster
Size: 250.0 x 250.0 x 2.0 mm
Volume: 33.78 cm³
Price: per pc (Excluding Shipping)
Qty discount:As per Quantity.
1. Material : The material itself is gypsum-based powder that is bound together with an adhesive and simultaneously embedded with an ink jet head. The products are then finished with cyanoacrylate (same stuff super glue is made of) sealant to ensure durability and more vivid colors.The printed product is a hard, rigid material that is slightly brittle and not suited for structural parts under great load.
2. Design:3d Printed Tile.
3. Procedure: It is made on 3d printing machine.
4. Installation: Easy, use eco-friendly glue
5. Scope: Interior decoration
6. Colors: Can be painted any color you want. The colors we use are similar to Inkjet Printer coloring, which fades when wet. The same principle applies to 3D printed colors. This product is not designed for applications that requires the model to touch water.

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Rainbow Plaster Material

Rainbow Plaster Material

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