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Clear Acrylic Clock Not for sale
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This is a pendulum clock made of clear acrylic and nested brass tubes. The design of the gear train, escapement mechanism, and housing is original. As such, I’m sure it’s not as refined as it could be. It’s missing things like a ratchet system. There’s a weight, but it’s not in the images. All that said, it does actually work (woot!!!) and is reasonably accurate.

Reviews of Clear Acrylic Clock

Cas says:

Bravo! I'm a fan of clocks, and this one is a fine example of mechanical talent. It looks like you have a proper deadbeat escapement, so it ought to run reliably until it winds down. If you make another, a gear on a swing-away bar might ease winding if a full-blown ratchet proves difficult. How's the run time? Any inaccuracies are probably just due to thermal expansion of the pendulum. Not much you can do about that without resorting to invar or a gridiron pendulum.

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Michael says:

Soo cool. I own my own laser and would love to build this thing.

Added almost 9 years ago. ( delete )
Jane says:

I'm not a fan of clocks, but I do love good design, and this is fabulous. Well done!

Added almost 8 years ago. ( delete )
Alex says:

I'm thinking of making something similar over the summer; how have you attached the gears to the shafts?

Added almost 8 years ago. ( delete )
stefan says:

How did you make the escapement? What program did you use, or how did you come up with the plans?

Added over 5 years ago. ( delete )
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