When Technology and Design meet: Digitalability in Berlin this week

From Ping Mag: Digitalability

The design of the “VeryRound” chair above by Louise Campbell revolves around shadowplay and fragility of paper rings. The technology used to create it is the use of 3D laser to cut the 160 circles out of a 2 mm steel sheet frame. It will be among the 60 exhibits at Berlin’s Designmai International Design Festival this week from May 12 – 20. The theme this year is “Digitalability” which explores the intricate relationship between digital technology such as rapid prototyping (I guess we should call it “additive fabrication”) and laser sintering and design. From their website:

The “democratisation” of digital instruments for design and production, as well as new modes of digital communication have impacted on numerous design disciplines in a variety of ways. This year, DESIGNMAI has resolved to examine these changes in detail. Whilst we will examine specific issues such as mass customisation, Creative Commons, RFID technologies or Second Life in the auditorium programme, the exhibition itself is divided into three broad themes: creation, production and communication, in which particularly interesting examples of the use of digital technology will be presented.

For a glimpse into what Digitalability is about, check out PingMag’s interview with Atilano Gonzalez-Perez, curator of the Digitalability exhibition.

Here’s one more cool photo of another piece in the exhibition: Geoffrey Mann’s “Attracted to Light” lampshade – which traces the flight of a moth around a light source. The image was digitally scanned and made real with a 3D printer.

The photos above are from Pingmag.jp. Photo of Louise Cambell’s “VeryRound” is by Marino Ramazzotti. Photo of Geoffrey Mann’s “Attracted to Light” by Sylvain Deleu.

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