Let a robot decorate your eggs this Easter — the incredible Egg-Bot!

best thing ever

The Egg-Bot from Evil Mad Science decorates eggs — or any spherical object like light bulbs, Christmas ornaments, even little pumpkins.

I fell in love with this little CNC miracle when Guy announced that the Egg-Bot was up for pre-order back in September.

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Then I got to see it in action on the Martha Stewart Show.

The awesomeness of the Egg-Bot is self-evident, but what’s even cooler is that it’s available as an open source kit — that you can use with Inkscape!

The Egg-Bot Kit is a super-fun, beginner-friendly introduction to motion control, CNC, and robotics. And it doesn’t look all messy and ugly.

The kit even comes with a fully assembled EBB (EiBotBoard v2.0) so there’s no soldering or programming needed.

Assembly takes just a couple of hours. Then you download some software (Windows and Mac compatible) just like you would for a new printer.

Using a set of open-source extensions for Inkscape, you can create a design and the Egg-Bot will draw it.

You can use pretty much any pen or marker about the size of a Sharpie. And the Evil Mad Science inventors will soon have an engraving tool you can buy.

Make it a 21st Century Easter and hook yourself up with an Egg-Bot Kit. Fun for all ages!

Standard kits are $195 and deluxe kits are $220. (Or you could score one for FREE by entering our Spring Time Design Challenge.)

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This is a fantastic idea !
What better way to celebrate Easter than with personally designed Eggs 🙂

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