Free Shipping on Orders Over $100

Last year, we set out to learn more about our customers to find out what we needed do to make Ponoko even better. Across the board, lower shipping was high on everyone’s list.

So we went to work – We experimented with different combinations of pricing and shipping to find out what works best for everyone.

Over the course of 7 months, and 5 back-to-back tests we found that a rate of $2.00/minute with free shipping over $100 was by far the most popular.

Starting today: pay no shipping on any laser cutting order over $100, from the US to anywhere in the continental US, and from New Zealand to anywhere in New Zealand and Australia.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks we’ll have more news on how you can save even more on shipping!

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Hi Ponoko. This sounds great but wasn’t free shipping on orders over $100 already part of the benefits of Prime membership? Does this mean that we’ll be seeing either a lower threshold for free shipping for Prime members or another benefit to replace this one in the near future? Thanks, Ponoko! 🙂



I just realized I may have answered my own question; maybe the new volume pricing is what is replacing the free shipping Prime membership benefit?


Thanks for your comment. You’re right – Prime members now get the new volume pricing, as well as lower making rate on all orders (including orders < $100). Additionally we are working on some more changes to reduce shipping costs which we will be announcing in the near future, so stay posted. -Dan

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