ontwerpduo = fun studio


Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink are ontwerpduo. Former students of the Design Academy Eindhoven, they’re part of the Dutch domination of design right now. Their work is intentionally playful: making a toy out of table, turning a pillow into a game, and having fun with joinery.


Room 222 was conceived as a hotel room just for children, designed with built in invitations for creative interaction. The hand carved Marbelous table has spiraled supports and a simple maze carved into the legs. There is even a little shelf at the base for the marble box.


Circle cut-outs in the felt pillows and curtains can be laced with felt strips for a larger than life game of connect the dots or just free form decoration.


Joints takes advantage of the precision in digital fabrication; the entire mahoganey desk is made with a CNC router and shows off an imaginatively joined edge.


Ontwerpduo shares the same studio as previously mentioned Julien Carretero, and they too are open for internships.

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That table is amazing… it really shows what is possible when you produce something on a 3 axis machine vs 2.

http://WoodMarvels.com – Create Unique Memories

The table ‘Marbelous’ is made by hand. No 3d router of any kind was used.

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