Maide Control – turn your iPad into a 3d mouse

Manipulate 3d CAD data:  control, present share, collaborate and build

The task of modelling and building forms in 3d CAD programs can be a lonely one. It usually involves being tethered to the workstation, and sharing working drawings with others means making compromises along the way.

With Maide Control, users can perform both isolated and collaborative tasks in their favourite 3d program directly from the iPad screen. One of the standout features here is the collaborative element – to be able to connect multiple iPads simultaneously so you can all fight over who gets to drive will certainly change the dynamics at your next project meeting.

There is also a full feature set to keep productivity flowing, from basic mouse control to specific CAD commands such as sections, snapping to viewpoints and presentation tools. It all happens in a way that makes the most of those familiar multitouch gestures that the iPad does so well.

So far, Maide Control supports Windows versions of Google SketchUp and Rhino, but plans are underway for more 3d apps to be added to the mix as well as Mac support before too long.

Click through for another video of some hands-on action.

Rumor has it that there is capability in more than just the officially supported programs. Follow the discussion in the Maide support forums.

Maide Control via Engadget

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