Staining wood sheet materials — 7 different woods, 6 different stains

Josh Reuss makes 42 wood stain samples

Ponoko’s own Josh Reuss is always putting up nifty experiments, tips & tricks in the Ponoko forum.

Earlier this year, Josh decided to try out a variety of stains on some scrap pieces of wood material. (These are all wood materials for laser cutting with your Personal Factory btw.)

He reported on his staining experiments, detailing the best methods for applying and which stains looked best on which materials. Check it out, and if you’ve done any staining or painting yourself, feel free to add your results and what you’ve learned to the forums.

Links to each material and stain used are after the jump.

The materials:
• Bamboo (blonde)
• Bamboo (amber)
• Bamboo (amber 3ply)
• Walnut (veneer mdf)
• White Oak (veneer mdf)
• EuroMaple

The stains:
• Behlen Solar-Lux Stain (Jet Black)
• Butch Block Conditioner
• Teak Oil Finish
• Danish Oil (dark walnut)
• Danish Oil (natural)
• Minwax Ebony

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