Giant CNC’d Scrabble

Enormous lawn Scrabble on the great court at MIT? Yes, please.

I suspect this was cut out at MITers or the ShopBot in the basement of the Media Lab, but my knowledge of the MIT CNC machines isn’t as extensive as it once was. There is pretty much unlimited coolness that can be achieved with a giant computer controlled wood router ready to do your bidding.

I also think someone laid the word RAZED on a triple word score for a total of 43 points. Not too shabby.

Via Adafruit

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Michael Berliner

Hi, I’m curious if someone could verify if this was made using a ShopBot. I work with ShopBot on their web marketing and would love to be in contact with whomever made this! Thanks, Michael Berliner

I’m sorry I can’t be of help, but I only know the little bit I posted about this piece. The original source of the photos is the blog of Ben Schwartz. You can find it here

Best of luck,

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