New materials for your making pleasure!

Oh, shiny!

In the USA we have –

Orange Tint Acrylic – great for electronic housings, jewelry, tableware, decorations or a novelty SF Giants World Champions trophy.

And for NZ we have the often requested –

Silver Mirror Acrylic – great for custom mirrors, jewelry, and finding out if your friends are vampires.

and the slightly obscure –

Clear Mylar film – great for PCB stencils, food packaging, or laminating a fake ID for your cat.

And now the sad news, Crystal Blue felt in 5mm/0.197″ material is removed from the US catalog

We are no longer able to get Crystal Blue felt in 5mm/0.197″ so we’ve had to remove it from the USA catalog.

It is available now available in 3mm/0.118″.

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