Attention: Digital fabricator owners (can we ask a favor)?

Hello owners of laser cutters, CNC routers, 3D printers etc

In just a little bit, we’ll be releasing something we think is pretty big. We’ve been working on it for more than 2 years now. And we’re gunning for a launch in Q4 this year.

You could call it Digitalmake — an online Ponoko account designed especially for owners of digital making technology (eg, laser cutters, CNCs, 3D printers).

Digitalmake springs from our desire to create a digital making network that enables products to be made as close to the point of consumption as possible.

With Digitalmake you can manage and download product designs and materials for digital making. You can also offer your fabricator to Ponoko users (and get pre-paid jobs).

But before we launch, we need to make sure we have covered everything.

Can you help us out?

We really want to get this right. So can you let us know what you think about this?

So, if you want access to more making jobs, to grow your making community, or you want an online system to manage all of your design files and materials, or anything else you think would be a cool way to link your fabber to the Internet creative community – please let us know your thoughts – you can find out more here.

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I look forward to hearing more details about what you guys have planned… the link provided doesn’t work though.

Jon – Create Unique Memories

You could call it “didimake” for DIgital DIstributed Make.


I look forward to learing more about this project! It sounds like a very good idea!

I have been silently watching this site, waiting for when you guys would get with it and do this. Now if you would make an easy way for 3D fabricators to plug in you would be truly making a dream of mine come true. Advertise this on Thomasnet.

This sounds to be an excellent project especially as this would expand your successful business model to support access to affordable 3D fabricating for many of us creatives.

I think this is a brilliant Idea! Makers of the world uniting. Let everyone tap into the resources once only accessible to the elite. Manufacturing for the masses.
I can’t wait!

I am interested in setting this up (I’m in Thailand). What equipment is needed? I am sure I can get some materials locally, but not all (particularly the wood) – how is this handled? Maybe a separate post for those of us interested to help out, but need more basic info would be good.

I think a good number of new technology start-ups start with toys and kitsch. Models before actual. In Michigan we already have all the tooling just in much larger formats than a 3×3 cnc laser cutter -is there any plans for scaling up into industrial applications. Being art based is wonderful but us artists(diemaker with an MFA) are impecunious mendicants at best. I have a cnc 8×8 plasma cutter and many shop tools and machines do you have any application for that. I agree whole heartedly that humans need to “make ” stuff, shuffling information is not sustainable financially nor spiritually. It is hard to give up the hand in favor of the computer, but that is evolution.Still thinking about this.

As a product designer I am only too aware of the environmental implications of shipping product round the world from low cost manufacturing bases. Despite everyones claims to be ‘going green’ cost wins over lower emissions every time in my experience.
It would be good to see a return to more localised manufacture of the things we buy. Fewer cargo ships, money kept in the local economy, jobs for crafts people etc etc.
Although the shipping companies may not agree…


I have almost ordered from you several times, as your prices are very reasonable, but when I have come to add shipping to the U.K. the cost has rocketed through the roof. I have ended up going through a local company (having to supply my own materials which can be a bind to source) which even though being extortionate prices, came to less than your prices plus shipping. If you opened a european hub (or even a U.K. one) I would be bringing my business your way (if I haven’t decided to get my own machine by then) Looking forward to seeing what happens in the close future.

Thanks for your comment Roadieflip!

We’re currently squarely focused on providing a solution for those wanting to do digital making in Europe – and are on the verge of making some official announcements about it.

Watch this space!

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