3D Print Buildings

Interview with Enrico Dini of D_Shape on Shapeways
In a post late last year we talked of CNC Houses becoming a Cyberpunk Reality but this is starting to get a step closer with Enrico Dini of D_Shape.

d_shape is a new robotic building system using new materials to create superior stone-like structures.
This new machinery enables full-size sandstone buildings to be made without human intervention, using a stereolithography 3-D printing process that requires only sand and our special inorganic binder to operate. d_shape is a new building technology which will revolutionize the way architectural design is planned, and building constructions are executed. By simply pressing the “enter” key on the keypad we intend to give the architect the possibility to make buildings directly, without intermediaries who can add interpretation and realization mistakes.

The system works with a rigging that is suspended over the buildable part(you can see it at the top of the image above). The system deposits the sand and then the inorganic binding ink. No water is necessary. Because the two components meet outside the nozzle, the machine does not clog up and can keep up its accuracy of 25 DPI. Enrico and D_Shape are currently talking to construction & engineering companies and architects about their technology.

Check out the full article on the Shapeways Blog

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Cool… when does Ponoko get into physical product development?

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It does dude……..

Virtual product development is for second life (if it still exists)

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