Moq7: discount preseller of next generation products

Moq7 is the world’s first discount preseller of next generation products.
They offer to help manufacturers meet their concept product MOQ’s (Minimum Order Quantity) by offering consumers the opportunity to pre-order next generation goods at closeout prices in a concerted effort to boost innovation.
MOQ7 presell items prior to production to help manufacturers raise the start-up capital they need to produce the item. The sale price is further reduced for buyers to reward them for placing orders prior to production.
In addition to great buys on tomorrow’s innovative goods, the manufacturers sometimes offer to pay buyers a percentage of profits, called a dividend, in exchange for helping them raise the start-up capital they need to begin production. Buyers can choose to have their dividends paid directly to the charity of their choice.
All money is refunded should they fail to meet the manufacturer’s MOQ. The numbers of units sold and the respective MOQ’s are listed with each concept product on this website.

So, in short, you can buy innovative products dirt cheap to help the designers get them to market, and if they do not make it to market, you get your money back…..

Hopefully that is not the case with uber cool products like the Cash Money Clip, Off Light Switch Hook and Brush and Rinse.

If you have a product you think may work on Moq7 submit your concept for consideration here.

Oh yeah, in the FAQ’s

What’s with the name – Moq7?
MOQ is for Minimum Order Quantity and the 7 is for luck. Moq7 (Mach 7) is real fast.


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Interesting concept, now that I read this article, I realize that there is a lot of this actually going on for big ticket items such as planes and electric cars… not sure of the value though for much smaller items.

Jon – Create Unique Memories

Nice find.

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