Ponoko set to launch another world first …

Over the past year since we launched, our users have shown the world is ready for a reinvention in the way goods are designed, made and distributed.

They have gone from pure ideas to prototypes (within 5 days) to finished products (within 10 days) to first customers (within 16 days) to major design store retailers within less than 2 months.

And the really amazing thing is that they did this with a few mouse clicks from home. They completely avoided the high risk, high cost, frustrating and time consuming process that brings goods to market traditionally.

The world’s first manufacturing-as-a-service (MaaS) offering?
So in the next part of our evolution we’re launching a new innovation that we’ve named Designmake Prime – an online subscription service to design, make and market your product ideas like never before.

With Prime, we see a world where you can subscribe at a fixed monthly rate to make (and market) the creations of your dreams. It gives users a range of new services not offered by our original Designmake Free service.

Prime goes live in 10 hours: FREE 30-day subscription for the first 100!
You can sign in to get a look at it here. And if you’re fast, the first 100 subscribers will get their first 30-days at no charge.

It’s first steps – and we’re super excited!

UPDATE: Prime is now live. The first 100 subscriptions went in 53 minutes! But if you subscribe within the next 7 day launch period you’ll get the super-duper launch deal.

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Right I’m in!

I quickly tested the making + materials price differences, and its so much better. It’s like getting shipping for half-price or less!

If you haven’t joined yet, you better do it if you are selling things, since the prices of those using Prime will be significantly lower.

I wish the Ponoko people everything of the best with their future vision.

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