US shipping prices slashed!

We’ve heard loud and clear from our users about shipping over the last few months. And everyone on the Ponoko team has been working really hard to make changes to support our users. So it’s with great pleasure that I can formally announce our new shipping costs. The result is that shipping costs to our users in the US are slashed. And on top of that costs will be lower for almost everyone everywhere in the world as well, depending on the material and amount of materials you are having delivered.

To really give you an idea of the difference, here’s a BEFORE and AFTER comparison of where our pricing starts from for sending a single P1 or P3 sized material to different parts of the world:

* To send a P1 anywhere in the USA was $51.36 it’s NOW $14.60

* To send a P3 to New York City was $99.73 it’s NOW $20.55

* To send a P3 to San Francisco was $99.73 it’s NOW $17.75

* To send a P1 to Tokyo was $56.84 it’s NOW $38

* To send a P1 to Berlin was $45.81 it’s NOW $40.50

* To send a P1 to Barcelona was $55.72 it’s NOW $40.50

* To send a P1 to Paris was $70.25 it’s NOW $40.50

* To send a P1 to Ottawa was $44.29 it’s NOW $33.25

* To send a P1 to Sydney was $33.07 it’s NOW $16.38

To figure out how much your shipment will cost, check out our Ponoko Shipping FAQ for Designers, which includes a price guide for common shipping destinations (including by zip code). Or better yet, upload a design to your MyPonoko account to get an instant online price for making and shipping.

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You have just pushed me over the edge. I’ve been procrastinating finishing a design because of the high shipping cost. Now I have to do it!

Well, it’s an improvement. But looking at the massive difference in shipping costs between the US and others (I’m in UK for example) you might make some progress in the US market, but I’m not sure about elsewhere.
For me it’s still too expensive for prototyping. I looked at your service and used an American laser cutter company instead. Shipping was $16 – about half of what you’re quoting.
So why so cheap in the states and not elsewhere?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your interest in Ponoko and for taking the time to make your feelings known. Your question is a valid one and so I’ve pasted below from our shipping FAQ the answer:

We are currently making and delivering your designs from San Francisco, USA and Wellington, New Zealand. The further you are from our locations, the higher the shipping cost will be. One of our key goals is to have a worldwide network of making nodes to bring down the financial and environmental costs of shipping. So the more you order now, the sooner we will be able to open a making node in your area (hint hint ;)).

We are also working with a number of shipping providers to bring you a range of shipping options – from very cost effective (where delivery time is not important to you) to very fast (where price is not important to you). We’ll update this shipping information as soon as we make these new options live.

I have been designing with CAD in engineering for last 20 years, and I am facinated with all things digital Fab.

There is a huge market for a Fab studio in London area, unfortunately costs are a little high for an individual to set this up. (a3 laser cutter starts £2500).

The 4d model shop in london has a laser cutter, but charge £80/ hour for work?

I would love to be involved with such a project, as I have A number of robotic projects I wish to prototype, but seed money is lacking! Anyone got any ideas?

All that is needed is one of these rented workshop spaces and a decent machine to start, and then it’s onto 3d milling, 3d printing…. love to do it 🙂

my spelling is not as good as my design ideas:(

Get those ideas into Ponoko then Chris! We’d love to see them.

Hi, I live in Vancouver and I am really interested in trying out your service, but the shipping cost to Canada is way too high for me…consider Vancouver is so much closer to San Francisco than New York is. I have been buying stuff from all over the world, but the shipping charges have never exceeded $20…Anyway, I really hope you guys can find a way to reduce the shipping cost. Cheers!

Hi Eva, we’re working on getting them lower and lower.

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