We’re Sorry

The traffic we’ve had since September 17th due to the Techcrunch40 has put a lot of strain on the Ponoko site. We’ve reacted to it and our technical geniuses have done a great job of keeping the site available so everyone can see what we are all about. But some parts of it have suffered which we are now getting up and running again. In particular we believe we have lost some messages sent to designers between 4pm Monday September 17th and 11pm Tuesday September 18th PST. We apologize profusely for that and we ask that if you clicked to contact a designer over this time that you please have another go right now, as all systems are go.

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Great work – this looks really fun. I can’t wait to use this to do something sweet.

I still can’t sign up for the main site, although I think the forum works. I hope you fix it soon!

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