TechCrunch 40 Traffic is Crazy


We’re enjoying the coverage from appearing at the Techcrunch 40 conference. In the last 24 hours here are some of the stats on our site:

Website live: 23 hours 27 minutes 6 seconds
Total hits: 1,000,160
We’ve also been covered on quite a few media outlets and blogs, which we really appreciate so thanks a lot to all of you, even if you aren’t in the list below.

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Congrats on the presentation I hear it went well. I just wanted to tell you 3 things that I hopw may be helpful. I’m working on 3d modelling in 3dstudio Max, I would like to create physical models using a 3d printer at some stage in the future which attracted me to an article in the NZ Herald (thats that newspaper we have in Auckland).

I listened to a podcast by Neil Gershenfeld (who I think is from Fab Lab at MIT) this time last year about a very low budget ($25K) Prototyping Lab that took on the road and the results and reponses he got.the Lab was a copy of full sized Lab thathe has been working with at MIT.

email me if you would like me to send you a copy of the mp3 podcast (12mb).

The other 2 things are just that your blog posts dont appear till way down the page and I cant google ponoko.

Great work and I’m looking foward to seeing something organic prototyped by your system.

I believe this idea is fantastic! I think you are going to see some really amazing things come through this system. It will be really cool to be able to actually log into the site soon 😉

I think it would be awesome if you came up with some open apis for submitting or retrieving information in your system. Why? Because I believe that other networks may then be allowed to flow 3D items through this network. For instance, imagine if you were playing world of warcraft and wanted a “real” version of some sword. That sword data might get translated into a format that was then readable by ponoko and converted into a “real” sword via the system.

Another example – imagine if someone created a cool widget via using Blender 3D – there might be an exporter which talks to your API and creates a real object that way.

Hi Andrew,

That’s definitely a cool idea and we are thinking very seriously about that for the near future. Not sure exactly when but it’s certainly in the plans.

Michael, thanks for the details too. I’ll get in touch directly.

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