The Secret is Out! We’re at TechCrunch40!!


Well, here is the biggest news we haven’t been able to talk about in the past month. Ponoko is at the TechCrunch 40 in San Francisco, California! For those who don’t know, this is the the inaugural TechCrunch 40 Conference created by Jason Calcanis and Michael Arrington. Ponoko was chosen early on from 700 other startups globally to present on stage in front of an incredible group of web industry luminaries such as Guy Kawasaki, Mark Andreessen, Mark Cuban, Marissa Mayer, Chris Anderson, Ryan Block among others (including MC Hammer!). Think Dragon’s Den or American Idol for Web Entreprenuers.

One of the prerequisites for being at the conference is the ability to release during the conference, which is exactly what we’ll be doing. So from 3:45 pm Pacific Time, Ponoko WILL BE GOING LIVE!! By the way, while there are 39 other companies who are presenting, the prize for being the winner of TechCrunch is 50K USD. Wish us luck!

On the ground here in San Francisco, we have a team of four including myself, John Lewis, Nick Gerrittsen, and CEO/co-founder Dave ten Have . If you’d like to reach us while we are in the Bay Area, you can contact us by email or cell phone at the following:

Dave: dave(dot)tenhave(at)ponoko(dot)com

Steven: steven(dot)kempton(at)ponoko(dot)com

John: john(dot)lewis(at)ponoko(dot)com

cell phone: +1 (510) 461-1035

in New Zealand, co-founder Derek Elley is available at +64 4 473 0031

This is a huge opportunity for Ponoko and we are really really excited to be here. But even though it’s a huge deal to be at a big conference in the heart of Silicon Valley, we want to thank and recognize the huge amount of work that is being done by our team in New Zealand. They are going hard out right now. Well done guys!!

We’ll be trying to blog as much as possibly as we can while we’re here at the conference about our experiences here giving you an insight into what goes on at TechCrunch40. Any questions or comments, please let us know!

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I hope this turns out to be a big deal. They deserve it. Also, people with good ideas but limited funds shouldn’t have to hire a patent attorney or be on some degrading game show to get their ideas noticed.

45 Minutes to go! Good luck!

New Zealand team say “ho!” – 45 minutes before you guys go on stage and the team are still cranking.

Have you got the team’s MC Hammer signed photo yet?

Hammer walked right past us, didn’t have a chance to tackle him yet 🙂

Friggin awesome guys! Totally cool!

Hope you’ve got enough webservers and cutters to keep up. 🙂

Sibylle Schwarz

Fantastic! Congratulations you guys.

Guys – awesome. You got some great coverage. When you are back you have to do a session on how this went down – starting from the beginning all the way to the MC Hammer sightings. A lot of people would like to hear the story. Cheers Mark

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