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Ponoko's returns policy

Policy for Makers - 100% Re-Make Guarantee

If you receive your creation from us and it's not exactly what you ordered, we will remake and reship it to you for free.

To get your free replacement, just email us at service-at-ponoko-dot-com with your order number, plus a description and photos of the problem within 365 days from your order date.

We'll fix things up, then remake and reship asap. And we'll be happy to make you happy.

All we ask is you take responsibility for any problems at your end - like with your design, or your choice of materials. Remember, prototyping and refining your design is an integral part of the product creation process.

Policy for Retail Buyers from Sellers Showroom

We encourage sellers and retail buyers to try to work out any conflict that may arise when dealing with products sold by sellers to retail buyers.

Because we provide a system that gives control to designers and sellers, we cannot accept responsibility for the quality of the products or product plans (including quality of design, workmanship, etc). The seller approves the quality and format of each product, product part or product plan. We do not monitor or check individual products or product plans prior to being showcased through our website. As a result retail buyers need to reply upon the seller's returns policy - so please read this carefully before you buy. If one does not exist, the retail buyer's purchase risk is higher than if a clear policy does exist.

In this case, if you have a question about your product, please contact the seller direct. Ponoko is unable to resolve problems or complaints for purchases made directly from a seller. This is a matter for retail buyers and sellers to negotiate.

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