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taprobane aka Karen Hermon


taprobane is a quirky new label producing a range of jewellery inspired by childhood memories and translated into elegant pieces, with a contemporary twist. “Alphabet Soup” are single letters, which can be worn alone or combined, to make every piece stylishly distinct. Each pendant juxtaposes the traditional aspect of a serif font with modern materials, to create a timeless necklace. Each piece in the “Wrought Collection” has been aptly named after iron working techniques, giving character to each piece that was inspired by the beauty of wrought iron. The necklaces make a statement with their larger than expected pendants, which contrast with earrings that are delicate and intricate. A recent addition has been the “Swing Necklace”, a minimalist piece, with momentum and fluidity, mimicking the carefree, summer feeling of the playground.

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foster says:

awesome work mate

Added 8 months ago. ( delete )
Fannie says:

This is awesome work done

Added 4 months ago. ( delete )

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