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simpleipadstand aka Kevin Moss


Kevin Moss has been making websites since 1994. Kev has a lot of digital experiences. He has created stunning/quirky/award winning work for PlayStation, Channel4 and Canon to name a few. A short animation just got 20million views. He is now running the award winning agency PlayThisNext.com who are shaping a new future for digital entertainment ranging from mobile app, location based games and big budget TV shows and story worlds. Follow him at twitter/kevmoss

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We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all items shipped direct from us to you, if: - they are damaged in transit - you receive the wrong items, or - you simply don't like it! We are afraid we can not reimburse shipping cost.


Hope you enjoy The Simple Ipad Stand as much as we do. more details can be found at our shiny website http://www.simpleipadstand.com/

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I love the burnishing on MDF, beautiful

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Comments about simpleipadstand:

Benjamin says:

Great display .. Really good work

Added about 1 year ago. ( delete )
Gregory says:

Truly inspiring!

Added 11 months ago. ( delete )
Steve says:

very nice work...

Added 9 months ago. ( delete )
johan says:

its too nice.

Added 9 months ago. ( delete )
Bobbi says:

Truly amazing work!!!!

Added 9 months ago. ( delete )
Peter says:

i like this work..

Added 9 months ago. ( delete )
Car says:

its nice.

Added 9 months ago. ( delete )
Shawn says:

Wonderful work!

Added 8 months ago. ( delete )
Toby says:

very nice.

Added 8 months ago. ( delete )
Sean says:

Awesome keep it up .. great work

Added 8 months ago. ( delete )
Peter says:


Added 8 months ago. ( delete )

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