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Vik is a longhair developer for the RepRap Project (http://reprap.org), engaged in making an Open Source 3D fabricator. He works for Catalyst in Wellington, New Zealand and lives in the Waitakere Rainforest.

Returns policy

This is a research and development account. If any item here breaks, you get to keep all the pieces. Articles here may not work, may not replicate, have not been fully tested, may or may not be the latest version and probably have bugs in. If you find any, please fix them and we'll integrate the changes. See http://reprap.org for details.


Sell suff? I give it away. This is the account used by the RepRap Project http://reprap.org to distribute laser cut RepRap kits via Ponoko. The design is now complete and we're working on getting the costs down.

The RepRap Project an Open Source non-profit, and sells the electronics kits and motors needed to complete the design at http://rrrf.org . There are assembly instructions, source files and a blog on the RepRap website here http://reprap.org/bin/view/Main/PonokoRepRap

Lives in:

Waitakere,New Zealand

Favourite materials:

Polylactic acid biopolymer

Ponoko experience:

Joined: 19 Jan, 08
Currently selling: 0 products & 1 product plans
Giving away: 4 items

Comments about reprap:

shaun says:


Added about 1 month ago. ( delete )
alex says:

great stuff

Added about 1 month ago. ( delete )
mat says:


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juluis says:


Added 24 days ago. ( delete )
kiko says:

osum stuff

Added 18 days ago. ( delete )
jamiek says:

Good stuff

Added 17 days ago. ( delete )
Philip says:

Great Work

Added 16 days ago. ( delete )
Isoli says:

Nice work

Added 12 days ago. ( delete )

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