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manicTide aka linda chartier


I AM A STAY AT HOME MOME WHO IS NOW ALONE! all my LIFE since I DEMANDED THE SWING ARTIST'S APRON & french beri vector...Help some one can help me.... I live in NJ after 12 yrs in Az....Back here ..DO NOT ASK ME WHY! argggg.Love being able to hop train to NYC less than 1 mile AWAY AND 40 min Later. Walla ! IF SOME ONE EVER HAS TIME TO HELP ME UNDERSTAND. HOW TO CREAT FILES FOR CUTTING. IM SO CLOSE. YET. STILL FAR ENOUGH. THAT I CAN NOT. SEND A FILE AND GET IT CUT.......


I am new here and need to figure out how to use this wonderful site as well as.... Need to know how to use vector,I mean how do I make what I make to be Changed into vector here for Submission! Please HElp me.

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give me sub-straight and a way to cut it..Il'l give you ART! I thank Josh. For helping me and he has the patients of a saint. I ALSO THANK MIKE B. YOU KNOW WHO U R .YOU MADE THE FILES AND WASTED MANY MINNUTES FOR NO GAIN OF YOUR OWN. GOD BLESS YOU,

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