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gianteye aka Matthew Borgatti


I fall somewhere in between artist, designer, and engineer. Many of my designs are made from sketches digitized and then turned into a vector format. Other designs are machined, equation driven, solid modeled, sculpted and scanned, or designed in a 3d modeling program like Vellum. You can see some more of my work at http://sinbox.org


Greetings, potential laser enthusiast! I'm Matt, and here's where I keep my goggle design, the one you probably saw on MAKE this week. You can purchase it right here, ready for Ponoko to cut, and have your own leathers to start your own goggle project in just a few weeks.

Lives in:

Favourite materials:

wax, aluminum, pen and ink, graphite, leather, brass, steel, heat

Ponoko experience:

Joined: 28 Nov, 09
Currently selling: 0 products & 5 product plans
Giving away: 1 item

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foster says:

i am your fan

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Jenni says:

me too..

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