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Wolfman aka Andrew Foster


I like to move it move it.

Returns policy

If my products do not fit their description or cannot serve the purpose for which they were designed, I will gladly accept returns within 30 days of delivery.

Lives in:

Arlington,United States

Favourite materials:

Acrylic is fun!

Ponoko experience:

Joined: 30 Jul, 08
Currently selling: 0 products & 1 product plans
Giving away: 2 items

Comments about Wolfman:

Rob says:

Great showroom

Added over 1 year ago. ( delete )
Fannie says:

This is great

Added over 1 year ago. ( delete )
Peppi says:

Very interesting products. I think I could use.

Added 11 months ago. ( delete )
Reecho says:

one of the best stuff:)

Added 10 months ago. ( delete )
Davis says:

Good share

Added 9 months ago. ( delete )
Frank says:

Your projects are the best!

Added 7 months ago. ( delete )
Michael says:

This is the most entertaining profile on this site!

Added 6 months ago. ( delete )

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