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SubmergedSpaceman aka Brett Peterson


Cube-dweller by day, Designer by night. I love making things and finding solutions to everyday problems. I'm inspired by the great designers and makers; from Eames to Macgyver.

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Hi! Welcome to my showroom! I've just listed my first product, the Universal Cellphone Stand. I've got some more designs I'm working on and I'll be giving away some plans for free coming up - so check back!

Lives in:

Walnut Creek,United States

Favourite materials:

I've experimented with the orange acrylic (GREAT color) and most recently, the Amber bamboo, my current fav.

Ponoko experience:

Joined: 17 Jul, 10
Currently selling: 1 product & 0 product plans
Giving away: 1 item

Comments about SubmergedSpaceman:


hey I love the owl doble ring idea ♥

Added about 6 years ago. ( delete )
Brett says:

Thanks! I like it too! :)

Added about 6 years ago. ( delete )
Cane says:

m also thanx.

Added about 1 year ago. ( delete )
Arthur says:


Added 11 months ago. ( delete )

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