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ShoppingZen aka Josh Reuss


I secretly enjoy the smell of burnt plastic enough that I now run a laser cutter for my day job. I love discovering new materials especially eco-friendly ones...

Most of the designs I have on Ponoko right now are personal experiments and file samples that might prove useful to others.

File Setup and Design Help:

Have a great idea but need some extra help getting it through Ponokos system? I regularly set up and optimize files for other Ponoko users; offering advice on materials and when possible lessening the amount of prototyping you need to do. I'm also happy to handle the entire making process from start to finish! Pricing varies based on complexity of your design and amount of help you need so contact me for a free quote.

Free File Friday:

Check back each Friday for a free vector or Ponoko ready plan to work into your own projects. Look for the Free File Friday Tag.

Ponoko Blog Mentions:

Dec 2009: Shopping Zen's Free Designs on Ponoko
June 2009: Zen and the Art of Ponoko





Lives in:

Oakland,United States

Favourite materials:

Natural BambooRed TintBlack Acrylic

Ponoko experience:

Joined: 26 Feb, 09
Currently selling: 2 products & 7 product plans
Giving away: 29 items

Comments about ShoppingZen:

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