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SUPERFINE aka Allison Jochim


25, Graphic designer, Wellington, New Zealand Originally from Montana in the US of A, by way of school in San Jose, California. Used to work right next door to Ponoko HQ in Wellington on Dixon St... now I'm back in the US, still using Ponoko, although sadly I can't run over and grab orders in person now. :)

Lives in:

Portland,United States

Favourite materials:

Mmm, black acrylic, I suppose. What I'd like to see in the future--fabrics with customizable embroidery!

Ponoko experience:

Joined: 05 Mar, 08
Currently selling: 0 products & 0 product plans
Giving away: 0 items

Comments about SUPERFINE:

Silas says:

Great work done..

Added 8 months ago. ( delete )
David says:

Well done..

Added 7 months ago. ( delete )
Richard says:


Added 7 months ago. ( delete )
Aaron says:

Very impressive

Added 7 months ago. ( delete )

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