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RemadeStudio aka Adran Nakagawa


Adran Nakagawa graduated from Western Washington University with an Industrial Design Degree in 2006. He quickly realized that the world doesn’t just need more products but rather products with good design and design integrity. As his Industrial Design Professor Arunas Oslapas once said, "We live on a planet with finite resources,” so every choice we make has an impact. Taking his professors words to heart he decided to explore what it means to be a sustainable product designer with a line of handcrafted products. Adran’s company Remade Studio incorporates industrial scrap and reclaimed materials which reduce the garbage put into our waste stream. Remade Studio also utilizes innovative manufacturing techniques to help reduce the company’s echo-footprint. Adran strives to be more sustainable and environmentally responsible with these quality durable goods made in Bellingham, WA.

Lives in:

Bellingham,United States

Favourite materials:

dark stained wood, brushed stainless steel, opaque colored glass, and natural fibers

Ponoko experience:

Joined: 06 Mar, 08
Currently selling: 3 products & 0 product plans
Giving away: 0 items

Comments about RemadeStudio:

Van says:

Nice work

Added almost 2 years ago. ( delete )
Bobby says:

Thanks for share

Added about 1 year ago. ( delete )
Laura says:

I Like Victorian Necklace the most.

Added 11 months ago. ( delete )

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