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RedlineDM aka Ben Dietsch


Hello! I started Redline Design + Manufacturing because I was excited about all the different ways products can be made using digital fabrication techniques. I am an engineer by training and love good design so I spend time on Ponoko, Etsy and other sites looking at what people are doing with laser cutting, CNC milling, and 3D printing to get inspiration. If you have a product you would like me to design and make for you please let me know! Thanks, Ben

Lives in:

Dayton,United States

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Ponoko experience:

Joined: 28 Nov, 09
Currently selling: 3 products & 0 product plans
Giving away: 2 items

Comments about RedlineDM:

Augus says:

its very nice.

Added about 1 month ago. ( delete )
Shaunda says:

It's very impressive

Added about 1 month ago. ( delete )
Minnie says:

Just amazing

Added 26 days ago. ( delete )
Pamon says:


Added 14 days ago. ( delete )
Eloise says:

Lovely collection

Added 2 days ago. ( delete )
Claudia says:

This is great

Added 1 day ago. ( delete )

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