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I love to design and use new templates and rulers in my quilting and sewing endeavours... why keep them to myself when I can share them with other quilters?

(Is there something that annoys you with your current rulers or could be done better? Ideas for new rulers and templates welcome. Accuracy of size and angles is my passion...)

Note that the Ponoko system doesn't calculate combined shipping, and in most cases additional sheets can be shipped at a discount. Large orders (generally over US$160) can sometimes be shipped free. If you need to know if your order is big enough to qualify, please contact me for a custom listing.

Lives in:

Summer Hill,Australia

Favourite materials:

Acrylic, ply.

Ponoko experience:

Joined: 22 Jul, 08
Currently selling: 19 products & 1 product plans
Giving away: 2 items

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