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I'm a graphic designer based in Wellington New Zealand... although, more than print design, per se, i just like making things. From day to day I do everything from concepts, design, illustration, and copywriting to painting, cutting out, colouring in, sawing, stitching, hammering and gluing. I am interested in re-purposing and restoring old stuff. Feel free to contact me for commissions or just for a chat


Hey there. Hope you like my bits and pieces - feel free to get in touch if you've got any questions. Check out my other project, a lovely (print) magazine at www.worldsweetworld.com

Lives in:

Wellington,New Zealand

Favourite materials:

Hardboard, salvaged materials, lasers... anything and everything

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Joined: 27 Aug, 07
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foster says:

nice collection mate

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Silas says:

This is great.

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