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Fleaworker aka Jan KC Leung


I worked in the Costume industry for the past 4 years, which involves buying, fitting, alternation, costume breaking down, garments and props preparation for commercial shooting. I have worked with various teams and different cultures. As a dresser on location and on set standby occasionally requires working unconventional hours, but it had given me the opportunity to develop my customer service skills.I work both commercially and for myself, new challenges constantly arise and keep me on my toes. I am creative and always think outside the box, good at being innovative at problem solving. I remain open and eager to learn more, I am diligent, energetic and passionate about my work. I enjoy an active lifestyle, I am very outgoing, independent and easy going. I continue to freelance in Textile and graphic, enables me to widen my skill base and keep up to date with the industry. I can work alone, also enjoy working with people and a team player.

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wool, Leather, wood and plastic!

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