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FactionElectric aka Kevin James


I am a guitar maker in the Dallas, Texas area. I use Ponoko to make templates and jigs, and also to help other guitar makers make their dream instruments.


After over a year of running things, Paul Rhoney has allowed me to change the Showroom name to reflect my current business. I'll still be offering Paul's designs, as well as the ones I've made and some new ones in the works. The name change is mainly to help stop some confusion, as Paul was still getting some emails from people asking about templates and custom plates. I'm still offering all the same items as well as the same service I always have, just under the name of my own personal guitar business. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at factionelectric@gmail.com

-Kevin James

Lives in:

Caddo Mills,United States

Favourite materials:

Clear acrylic, MDF.

Ponoko experience:

Joined: 04 Jun, 08
Currently selling: 21 products & 0 product plans
Giving away: 0 items

Comments about FactionElectric:

Fred says:

Wonderful work!

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Jesse says:

really nice

Added 9 months ago. ( delete )
Rob says:


Added 9 months ago. ( delete )
Rob says:


Added 9 months ago. ( delete )
Fannie says:


Added 9 months ago. ( delete )
Melvin says:

really nice

Added 8 months ago. ( delete )

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