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Dizingof aka Asher Nahmias


3Dizingof.com - Math Art by Dizingof

3Dizingof.com - Math Art by Dizingof

I've moved to a new website: 3Dizingof.com

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Blog posts:

Makerbot.com - "Dizingof: Probably one of the most well-known designers in the entire 3D printing community"

Ponoko.com - "Incredible procedurally generated designs"

3dprinter.net - "..Joshua Harker and Dizingof to curate Bits to Its, world’s first juried 3D printed sculpture show.."

3ders.org - "Dizingof's Math art is a stunning collection"

3dprinter.net - "Dizingof develops a super-fast Tetrahedral Modeling technique for super-fast 3D printing"

Fabbaloo.com - "Dizingof's creations are typically complex, flowing and invariably beautiful"

ITWorld.com - "The world of 3D printing designers was set abuzz recently, when popular designer Dizingof pulled his work from a well-known online store in protest after Stratasys, one of the biggest 3D printer manufacturers, improperly used one of his designs."

PublicKnowledge.org - 3D Printed Copyright Infringement is Still Copyright Infringement"

Cubify.com - 3D printing Artist Dizingof is most noted for his Math Art

3DPrintingIndustry.com - "Dizingof is a designer with considerable talent"

i.materialise.com - Meet the designer: Dizingof

Adafruit.com - 3D Designer Spotlights: Dizingof

San Francisco Magazine -Autodesk 3D printed the Gyroid ball by Dizingof

Makers Blog posts:

Extrudable.me - Joint Stars, by Dizingof

3duniverse.org - Time Lapse Video of “Equation” (Math Art by Dizingof)

Fabmo.de - Die Lava Vase von Dizingof

Germanreprap.com - 3D artist Dizingof creates fabulous structures

3duniverse.org - Time Lapse Video of Cellular Cocoon Vase by Dizingof

Tinkerines.com - Tannery Light Shade by Dizingof a well known 3D artist

Ex AOL CEO - barryschuler.com - "The amazing math art of Dizingof"

3dprintingindustry.com - Stop-motion video of ‘Twizzler’ by artist Dizingof

3drucken.ch - Cells Bowl - Math Art by @Dizingof

blog.think3dprint3d.com - Sticks bowl, one of Dizingof's great math-art creations

Simonkuehling.de - Gyroid Vase – beautiful Math Art > Gyroid Vase by Dizingof

A Girl with a 3D printer Blog - Dizingof, may the force be with you..

Richrap.blogspot.com - Dizingof's Math art is a stunning collection

3Dizingof.com - Math Art by Dizingof
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Lives in:

Tel Aviv ,Israel

Favourite materials:

Stainless Steel, Gold Plated, Full Color, Nylon.

Ponoko experience:

Joined: 14 Oct, 09
Currently selling: 0 products & 75 product plans
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juluis says:

pretty cool

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Philip says:

Impressive :-)

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joma says:

This is 3D world

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alfred says:

Its great

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Jazz says:

This is awesome

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Rosie says:

its wonderful

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Jenni says:

Love these product

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Amy says:

Nice showroom

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Danial says:

This is nice

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Jason says:

great work

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Tracy says:

amazing work

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Margaret says:

awesome work

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