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CymonsDesigns aka Joseph Larson


Designer of models for home 3D printers. Author of "3D Printing Blueprints" available on Amazon, Packtpub, and Barnes and Nobles. Winner of the Makerbot/Tinkercad chess challenge.


Cymon's Designs features models made and tested for home 3D printers. Download and print them yourself or use Ponoko, MakeXYZ, or other services to print them for you.

More of my designs can be found for free at http://www.thingiverse.com/cymon/designs

Hire me or my printer at http://www.makexyz.com/printer/cymon

Lives in:

Spanish Fork,United States

Favourite materials:


Ponoko experience:

Joined: 14 Jul, 13
Currently selling: 0 products & 6 product plans
Giving away: 10 items

Comments about CymonsDesigns:

Sally says:

impressive work

Added about 1 month ago. ( delete )
Annemarie says:

thanx for share

Added about 1 month ago. ( delete )
Lorene says:

well done

Added 10 days ago. ( delete )
Boris says:

greatt work

Added 7 days ago. ( delete )

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