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Paleo Snack Ideas “Let’s talk about “eating between meals” or snacking.” It’s interesting whenever someone goes on a diet specifically to lose weight, the idea of snacking becomes taboo.The problem with this is the thought of “going without” is the hardest thing to discipline yourself against.But it doesn’t have to be… Here are our top 3 tips for Paleo snacks Macadamia nuts – perfect for a snack when you’re on the go all day. Sliced raw vegetables – pretty much a staple snack idea when you’re on any type of diet and they’re Paleo too! Cooked prawns – Animal fats are essential, so you can be creative here, just make sure everything is cooked properly. And actually many of the Paleo dessert ideas can be used as snacks too. Snacking doesn’t have to be taboo if you do it properly. All it takes is a little creativity and imagination to make snacks that are really healthy and satisfy your snack cravings. Please click here Paleo diet smoothies for more information.

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