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AmandaWil aka Amanda Wilson


Hi! My name is Amanda Wilson and I like to design cool, crafty, cute products! :) I am a recent Industrial Design graduate currently seeking employment in the world of design! My two design passions stem from home furnishings and decor to whimsical, fun products like you see in my showroom. Check out my design blog below and feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions! www.designingamanda.blogspot.com www.ponoko.com/showroom/AmandaWil www.coroflot.com/AmandaWil


I am now living out-of-country, and am not currently taking orders, though feel free to contact me with any inquiries!

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Atlanta,United States

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Joined: 03 Sep, 10
Currently selling: 6 products & 0 product plans
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Martin says:

You are Awesome

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Eric says:

Thanks for sharing it

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